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Showcase Your Digital Photos With This Large-Format Frame

About a month ago, we got hold of a Memento SmartFrame -- a 35-inch 4K (3240 x 2160 pixels) LCD screen that displays your photos in high resolution in a beautiful frame. The photos from my cell phone look crisp on the large format.
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Memento Smart Frame 35 review

The Memento is best described as a digital picture frame on steroids, bigger and better than its ancestors in every respect, and with smart controls.
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Memento is 2016 Photo Accessory of the Year!

In this world where everyone seems to prefer looking at a screen rather than a piece of paper it’s the next best thing.
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Memento named as an Editor’s Pick!

Memento’s latest frame has piqued her interest, though: “It seems to have addressed the issues that brought the old frame to the basement,” she explains.
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Digital Picture Frame Review: 35" Memento

"It's by far the best digital picture frame that I've ever seen."
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Memento is 1 of the 10 top devices for the modern, connected home

The Memento Smart Frame is the first digital picture frame we've been comfortable recommending in years, since it finally feels like what the devices have long promised: a customizable piece of art for the home.
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Memento is the giant 4K photo frame you never knew you wanted

Enter the Memento Smart Frame. It’s a 25 or 35-inch, quasi-4K panel with with Wi-Fi connectivity, and I’ve had the chance to test the larger variant for a few weeks. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for a high quality option for framing your digital images on a large screen.
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Memento is one of the 14 Unique and Techie Gift Ideas for the Holidays

This high-quality picture frame has one unique ability. Using an app for Android or iPhone, you can load a high-res 4K photo (in 3240 x 2160 resolution) and store up to 3,000 images locally.
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Red Bull Illume is proud to announce their recent partnership with Memento Electronics.

“Having Memento Smart Frame on board is an exciting development for the Exhibit Tour. True to our theme of illumination, the high definition displays will make it a unique experience for all who visit. We can’t wait to see the new technology in action and we are looking forward to a series of unforgettable exhibitions."
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Every photographer should have one of these!!!

Don't be fooled into thinking that this is just some TV in a frame or some oversized cheap photo frame. This is neither of those. The Memento Digital frame IS the future of image display.

By Ryan, Los Angeles, CA (B&H reviews)

Perfect as replacement for framed photographs

I have wanted for a while now an LCD picture frame that I could hang like a nice art photograph and display our top favorite family photos and now finally I have one I am happy with. For me the key features are:Excellent visual quality, Very high resolution, Anti-glare glass, Looks great, like a framed photo.

By ASIC Engineer on (Amazon reviews)

Worth every penny

Fantastic purchase. So glad we did this. Looks great on the wall and now our memories aren't stuck on the computer. Got the flat cord kit as well, hiding the cord makes a huge difference in the illusion of framed art.

Mark, on (ABT Reviews)

Most impressed. Will buy larger one next time!

I have been looking for larger versions of the small digital photo frame and this fits the bill perfectly. It does all it says it does and it turns off at night to save power. As a professional photographer, it is perfect for showing one's work and I may invest in a larger 35 inch version for exhibitions.

Sheila, Australia (B&H reviews)

I am so happy with this frame!!! The quality is amazing and the ease of operating it is great!!!

JMP, North Dakota, on (ABT Reviews)

The phone app was supper easy and intuitive!

Mark Sutherland (Amazon reviews)


What A WONDERFUL IDEA. I really love this frame. Using my own photos of family and friends as well as beautiful locations, it brings a smile to my face and happy memories every time I see it....many times a day. Everyone should own one. The inventor is a brilliant person! Thank you. It's the best feel-good money you can spend.

Carole (B&H reviews)