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What is the projected lifespan of the screen?

The lifespan is over than 50,000 hours. This represents between 8 and 10 years considering shut down at night.

Does the frame crop, zoom, or use borders?

The software resizes the picture automatically to fit the aspect ratio of the frame.

Does the frame have a power switch?

No. However, the frame brightness is controlled by a light sensor to match the ambient lighting. It automatically turns off when the lights are out. There’s also a programmable Sleep mode.

Can the frame feature slideshows?

Yes, you will be able to feature slideshows on your frame.

How can I clean my Memento Smart Frame?

- Use a soft, dry cloth without chemicals for cleaning as the frame's polarized surface can be easily scratched. 

- Water, IPA (Isoproyl Alcohol) or Hexane are the best cleaners to use. 

- Do not use ketone type materials (ex. acetone), ethyl alcohol, toluene, ethyl acid or methyl chloride. These product may cause permanent damage to the polarized surface. 

What is the USB input on the back for?

The USB in the back is only used for servicing. Do not insert anything in the ports unless asked to do so by our Customer Support Team.

Can I force the picture frame on from my smartphone even in a dark room?

Since the light sensor adjusts the image to ambient light, you would need to have a light source on the frame for it to stay lit in the dark, as you would with a print.

Can I download images online and use them in frame?

Yes, you may use any JPG image with a resolution of 3240 x 2160 on the Memento Smart Frame. When using images downloaded online, remember to verify copyrights before using them on your frame.

Can I load photos on a frame directly from a SD card?

The Memento Smart Frame is operated by a free app, which is available for PC/OSX/Android/iOS. You may connect your USB stick to your usual device (computer, smartphone or tablet) and upload up to 3,000 photos to your frame with great ease. This will also allow you to manage playlists and overall image settings.

How do you mount the frame?

Included in the packaging, you will find a special bracket and four special drywall screws. All you need is a screw driver and level.

What is the actual size of the internal drive?

The limit of images that may be uploaded is 3,000. This is software-controlled, no matter what size the file is. The internal SSD drive is 16G.

What is the frame made of?

The outer frame is made of wood composite.

Is it battery-powered?

The Memento Smart Frame uses a 24V external power supply meant to be plugged into a 120V/220V power outlet. You may always plug into a battery power  source with has an AC/DC inverter.

Can I control several frames on the same network with the Memento App?

Yes, the app will recognize as many frames as you have on the same network. The frames that are not on your network will appear with a "cloud" icon.

Does it play video?

The Memento Smart Frame is meant for 3:2 images and does not support video.

Can I hang it in portrait mode?

The 35” model is intended to be hung in portrait or landscape modes. However, the 25” may only be hung in landscape mode.

How are pictures cropped if not in 3:2 ratio?

If picture does not have a 3:2 ratio, it may cut some portions of it off or fill in the missing space with two options: a blur of the same image or black bars.

Can the frame be used with 220V?

Yes, the Memento Smart Frame comes standard with a multi-voltage power supply and adapters for several countries.

Do I need to use Wi-Fi?

Yes, the Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the frame using  the Memento app.

My family is spread out through the USA. Can they send me pictures without the need for me to upload them to the frame?

Yes! All you need to do is have them download the Memento app and give them your Memento account credentials.

Can I upload photos from my Dropbox or other Web drives?

When you upload your photos to the Memento Smart Frame, it opens the default finder in your device (Windows, Android, iOS, OSX). If you have access to your Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, in the finder, you may select images from there.

Where can I reach Customer Support?

You may send an email through our fill-form at https://mementosmartframe.com/support.

Do you have online videos to help me install the frame?

Yes, visit our video tutorials in our How-it-works section

I would like to hide the wire in the wall; however, my wall cannot be drilled into. How can I hide it?

Memento has an optional ultra-thin FLAT-WIRE CABLE KIT available that allows you to bring power to the frame. It is 0.008” in thickness and can be painted.

Can I create playlists and slideshows?

Yes, with the Memento app, you have full control on how your photos are displayed. You may sort your photos in different playlists and then select the Photo Cycle Time to your liking. You may also select “All Photos” if you wish to slideshow them all. At all times, you can manually change photos using your Memento app.

What does the 35” stand for? It seems larger on the wall?

The 35” model is actually 39 x 29”. The 35” is the diagonal size of the image displayed.

What is the resolution of the frame?

The Memento Smart Frame uses ultra-HD 4K technology to project photos in 3240 x 2160. That is 4X 1080 HD.

How long is the warranty for?

There is a one-year limited warranty on all models.

Why does my Memento Application not find my frame(s) but photos appeared after setup?

The Memento Application communicates with Memento Smart Frames through a wireless network that allows peer-to-peer communication. 

Either you may have firewalls activated on your computer blocking the Memento Application, or your Wi-Fi router is blocking specific ports. 

The Memento Smart Frame uses the following PORTs to communicate within a network:

2015 UDP from App to the network to discover frames

2016 UDP from frames to the App to respond 

2017 TCP To communicate between frames and the App once discovered.  

2018 TCP To communicate between frames and the App once discovered. 

Step 1: Verify that your computer’s firewall is not blocking the Memento Application 

Step 2: Verify that the above PORTs are enabled

Make sure to enable the above UDP and TCP ports, in BOTH directions, and that they are entered into the UDP and TCP port fields in your modem.

If you are unsure of how to open the ports on your modem, contact your Internet Service Provider or router manufacturer for proper instructions before proceeding.

The Memento Smart Frame also uses PORT 80 and/or PORT 443 to perform Firmware updates as well as to receive photos remotely.

Ensure these ports are also active.

If the above did not resolve your connectivity issues, please verify that you do not have Wireless Isolation Enabled.

If this check box is selected on your router settings, then computers or wireless devices that join the network can use the Internet, but cannot access each other or access Ethernet devices on the network. 

Where may I find the Windows version of the Memento Application?

You may download the latest Windows version of the Memento Application by following the link on our main page or here Download 

How come I find my frame with my phone but not with my computer?

If your phone or tablet is connecting to the frame, while on the same network, and that a computer is not, you may have settings impeding the Memento App to discover and connect to the frame. Examples are: Firewall settings, WiFi connected as Public rather than Private, and/or your computer is connected to a VPN. 

Verify these above settings and retry connecting.